Sadaf Syed

Sadaf Syed takes the mystique off the hijab and the women who cover. Sadaf’s photography breaks down stereotypes and whatever preconceived notions we still have about Muslim women and sends them surfing. This is the new feminism!
— Ann Filmer, Artistic Director, 16th Street Theater

S A D A F   S Y E D


Welcome to my little visual world. No matter where life takes you, always be in the moment. The trials and victories in life is what enhances our mind, body, and soul. When life gets blurry, adjust your focus.

Photo journalist, Sadaf Syed is today’s renowned feminist photographer. Best known for breaking down stereotypes, she educates and inspires her audience through the eyes of photography and the perspectives of her subjects.  She is the creative mind of the story, photography, editorial of her published book iCOVER. Syed has been recognized as a leading artist by The White House in 2010.